Mate Constitution

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Chapter one: Name and address

Article 1:

The Association shall be known as the “Moroccan Association of Teachers of English” (M.A.T.E.), hereafter referred to as the Association

Article 2:

The Headquarters of the Association shall be the residence of the President. The Association shall have regional branches.

Chapter two: Aims and Activities

Article 3:

The aims of the Association are:

– to contribute to the improvement of the teaching of English in Morocco.

– to encourage contacts among teachers in Morocco on the one hand, and between these teachers and teachers of English in other countries on the other hand.

– to encourage research in the field of teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) in Morocco.

Article 4: Activities

In order to fulfil the aims stated in article 3 above, the Association will:

– organize seminars and conferences on the teaching of English in Morocco,

– participate in international conferences and in publications on the teaching of English,

– organize visits or courses in English-speaking countries for the benefit of teachers of English in Morocco,

– gather and circulate information on the teaching of English as a foreign language.

The Association shall, furthermore, undertake any activities relevant to the fulfilment of the aims mentioned in Article 3 above. The Association shall establish and maintain contact with any other associations having the aims similar to its own.

Chapter three: Membership

Article 5:

The Association shall be made up of full members, associate members, and honorary members.

a. Full membership is open to Moroccan individuals involved in the field of English teaching in Morocco.

b. Associate membership is open to non-Moroccan individuals in the field of teaching English as a foreign language in Morocco, subject to the approval of the General Council of the Association.

c. Honorary membership is open to cultural, academic, and research institutions, subject to the approval of the General Council.

d. Honorary membership for individuals is granted to persons proposed by the General Council and elected by the General Assembly.

Article 6:

Any individual or institution wishing to join the Association should apply to the General Council Secretary who will provide an application form.

Article 7:

All applicants for membership must, upon being accepted as members, abide by the Regulations of the Association.

Article 8:

All members of the Association shall pay an annual subscription, the rate of which shall be fixed by the General Council of the Association.

Article 9:

Any member shall cease to be a member

a. upon receipt of his letter of resignation by the General Secretary,

b. through failure to pay the subscription fees within 30 days of the beginning of the new business year of the Association,

c. upon expulsion by the General Council, following a violation of the regulations of the Association or any injury to it.

Article 10:

Any member who ceases to belong to the Association shall cease to enjoy the rights and privileges of membership.

Chapter four: Management

Article 11:

The management of the Association is vested in the General Assembly of its members.

Article 12:

Notice of every General Assembly shall be given to the members at least three weeks before the date of the Assembly.

Article 13:

At least 10% of the full members of the Association must be present at a general assembly for its proceedings to be valid. If the quorum of 10% is not reached, a new general assembly shall be called according to the provisions of articles 11 and 12. The decisions of this second assembly shall be taken by the majority vote of the attending full members.

Article 14:

The Annual General Assembly shall take place in the course of the third term of the school year and shall have responsibility for:

a. discussing the previous year’s activities and accounts,

b. electing the members of the General Council and honorary members of the Association,

c. amending the Constitution and regulations of the Association,

d. dissolving the Association, in case of necessity, according to the procedure described in chapter eight.

Article 15:

The agenda of ordinary general assembly shall be drawn up by the General Council.

Article 16:

All general assemblies are presided over by the President or, in his absence, by the Vice-President. All members may attend general assemblies, but only full members may vote. Other members have a purely advisory role.

Chapter five: Officials

Article 17:

The Association is managed by a General Council made up of 15 full members elected every two years by the General Assembly.

Article 18:

The General Council is composed of:

a. An Executive Board made up of the following five officials:

The President

The Vice-President

The General Secretary

The Deputy General Secretary

The Treasurer

b. an Executive Committee made up of ten officials.

Article 19:

In the event of a member of the General Council of the Association resigning from office or ceasing to be a member of the Association under the previsions of article 9 above, the general Council shall co-opt a replacement for the remainder of the period of office. In the case of the President or General Secretary, their posts shall be filled by the Vice-President and the Deputy General Secretary respectively.

Article 20:

The General Council may create ad hoc committees as the need arises. The responsibilities of these committees shall be determined by the General Council in accordance with the regulations of the Association.

Chapter six: Amendments to regulations

Article 21:

No alterations or additions to the Constitution and Regulations of the Association shall be made, except at a General Assembly and only if approved by two-thirds (2/3) of the full members present at the General Assembly.

Article 22:

In the event of any question or matter arising out of any point which is not expressly provided for in the Constitution and Regulations of the Association, the General Council shall have the power to use their own discretion, within the limits of the law.

Chapter seven: Funding

Article 23:

The funds of the Association shall consist of membership fees and any contributions from the members themselves or from the government bodies.

Chapter eight: Disbandment procedures

Article 24:

The Association shall not be dissolved, except with the consent of not less than two thirds (2/3) of the full members of the Association. Any motion to disband the Association must be submitted to a general assembly convened for this purpose. Provision shall be made for proxy and postal voting.

Article 25:

In the event that the Association is disbanded, the Association’s funds and property shall thereupon be donated to an association with similar aims to its own, or to a charity institution.