MATE 8th Young Learners’ Conference

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Theme: “Engaging young learners: Creative and innovative ways and tools.” 22-24 January, 2018. Ouarzazate, Morocco.

With the current social and emotional changes that Moroccan young learners have undergone in this technology-driven era, we are in a strong need for a very different debate in terms of the interpretation of the role of school in modern society in general, and the English language classroom in particular. To motivate and engage the newly initiated young learners to English language education, the school and the classroom are highly required to cope with the changing social needs, circumstances, and values. Therefore, creative and innovative ways and tools should be considered.

MATE 8th young learners’ conference raises such issues and hopes to cater for some appropriate educational provisions. The conference’s dominating approach will be task-based and interactive with an emphasis on collaborative work. Participants are expected to reflect on both their own classroom practices and experiences, share and take part in innovative activities, and work on adaptations and projects appropriate for their own teaching context.

Main Theme
Motivating and engaging young learners: Creative and innovative ways and tools.

Input and affective factors.
1. Providing rich language support and Creating a supportive learning context in the classroom.
2. Introducing content students are familiar with and attracted to.
3. Introducing variety of ways and tools to cater for all learners’ needs and wants.

Tasks and activities in the classroom
4. Setting clear goals and feedback.
5. Using effective ways for classroom management.
6. Building lessons around innovative tools and engaging task-based activities.
7. Involving learners in creating resources and projectwork to support their learning.
8. Engaging learners in activities that develop critical thinking and digital literacy skills.

9. Providing regular effective assessment practices.
10. Introducing formative assessment techniques.
11. Using assessment for learning practices.

Presentation formats
 Paper presentation (25 minutes)
 Workshop (60 minutes)
 Poster presentation throughout the conference
 Panel discussions
 Social activities.

Abstract submission and deadlines
In order to present at the conference, proposals should be submitted to and approved of by MATE conference scientific committee, while respecting the following deadlines:
 Abstract submission deadline: 25 December, 2017 via the conference online form at:
 Results of abstract reviews will be returned to authors within a week after the deadline (03 Jan., 2018).

Participation fees
Non-resident: 250 Dhs.
Resident: 600 Dhs.
Membership card: 50 Dhs (middle and high school teachers; 100 dhs (supervisors and university teachers); 200 Dhs (associate members)

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