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 Who can join MATE?

  • All Moroccan teachers of English teaching different levels (primary, secondary or tertiary) and from all sectors (private or public) can join MATE.
  • Non-Moroccan teachers can also join MATE as associate members.

 How can you join?

You can either join directly through a MATE officer (from a local or national board) or you can contact MATE treasurer ( Mustapha Zanzoun) on the phone 0661 65 58 64 or by e-mail at [email protected]

What are the membership fees?

  • 50 Dirhams for primary and secondary school teachers.
  • 100 Dirhams for inspectors and tertiary level teachers.
  • 200 Dirhams for Associate members.

Is there a registration form?

Click on Registration Form to get one.

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