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Three years ago, MATE set up Clubs of Instructional Resources for Culture and Language Enhancement (MATE CIRCLEs) in Moroccan middle and high schools. Three years of MATE CIRCLEs’ experience, during which a National Festival of MATE CIRCLEs students’ talents was held, have shown us, among other things, that this project can yield a lot better results if competition is injected into it.

Therefore, we would like to launch a number of contests to provide opportunities for MATE CIRCLEs’ students to use what they have learned. Since contests give students opportunities to use, through competitiveness, their talents, the students, together with teachers, would work in partnership to prepare for these contests.

Students will undoubtedly discover and learn quite a lot during such events. As it is said, a great amount of language learning does not come from a textbook and a teacher. It does come from other activities related to what is being taught in an educational setting.