MATE 38 annual conference

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With the advent of technology and the change of values in a globalized world, individuals and communities have become more and more virtual, and self-actualization and self-appraisal have taken new dimensions.

Consequently, so many elements of the educational realm have been shaken, including the role of the teacher in the development of individuals of the new millennium, pedagogical competencies, methodological choices, and what is generally happening inside (and even outside schools). Therefore, there is an urgent need to give a second thought and a daring exploration and redefinition of what is happening in education in general and in language education in particular. Teacher professional competences, alternative methods or strategies, curriculum evaluation and development, materials production, learner needs and wants are but examples of the issues that need reconsideration and further exploration in the current educational context.

MATE 38 annual conference will accordingly address the issue of pedagogical changes and competences that can accommodate the millennium educational context from different perspectives. Experts in the field of education, educational psychology, applied linguistics, and langage education in general, are called upon to contribute to this socio-professional debate and suggest successful strategies and techniques to help come to terms with this significant socio-educational change.