(MATE), 37th Annual Conference

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MATE 37th Annual Conference: Agadir, Morocco, 30-31 January & 1-2 February, 2017
Theme: Innovating Language Education: What Influential Roles for Teachers.
في موضوع: تجديد التربية اللغوية : أية أدوار مؤثرة للمدرس؟

In a technology-driven world, the contemporary education field has become so dynamic that constant change is inevitable. For an educational policy to succeed, therefore, it is required to allow for innovation as an essential feature of its performance to be able to deal with novel situations and everyday challenges. When it comes to effective student learning and successful educational reform, there is one key factor that has an influential role in change management: The teacher. Successful educational reforms and endeavors rely much on the ability of teachers to accommodate new teaching methodologies to the classroom situation. This can only be achieved through teacher training and professional development programs that aim not only at developing core teaching skills, but also at equipping teachers with the necessary knowledge and competencies to be life-long learners who can deal with novel situations in the most effective manners.

In Morocco, although recent educational reform has generated a lot of debate around the declining levels of educational performance, not much discussion is going on about the role of teachers in educational innovation and change. The questions that are seldom tackled are how teachers deal with change in the classrooms, how they learn as professionals, how they generate knowledge and produce ideas and materials, and how they help learners be innovative as well. These and other questions will be debated in MATE 37th annual conference whose theme is:

“Innovating Language Education : What Influential Roles for Teachers.”

The main objectives of this conference, among other things, are
– to define the concept of innovation in language education and its implications for the classroom teacher;
– to analyze and discuss the roles teachers should play to be able to innovate their practices in order to improve learning and teaching;
– to help participants spot various practical methods and techniques of educational innovation;
– to showcase best practices in educational innovation and share them; and
– to eventually come up with practical recommendations for innovative classroom practices.

Conference sub-themes:
The following sub-themes are preferred (the following list is by no means exhaustive):
– Innovative language teaching and learning methodologies,
– Innovative teacher’s profile and competencies,
– Innovative teacher’s roles and practices,
– Alternative and innovative assessment,
– Learning environments and interaction in the English language class,
– Learner autonomy, learning strategies and lifelong learning,
– Innovative teacher development opportunities,
– Technology-based teaching-learning processes and innovative teaching-learning materials.
Presentation formats
– Oral presentation papers (25 minutes)
– Workshop presentation (60 minutes)
– Poster presentation throughout the conference
– Panel discussions
– Social activities.

Abstract submission and deadlines
In order to present at the conference, proposals should be submitted to and approved of by MATE conference scientific committee, while respecting the following deadlines:
– Abstract submission deadline is: 01 December, 2016 via the conference online form at: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSceShBbKudPFNdat9oQOZbD6NRRQvZRBgautT9S-KHxIZZyRQ/viewform?c=0&w=1
– Results of abstract reviews will be returned to authors within 2 weeks after the deadline (15 Dec., 2016).
– Full paper submission is mandatory by 10 January, 2017. To be sent to the following email: [email protected]

More Information
For more information about this conference and about our other events, please use our
– Email address: [email protected]
– Website: www.mate.ma
– Facebook page: Al Maghreb Maters, https://web.facebook.com/MATE.Morocco?fref=ts
– Facebook group: MATE Official Facebook Group,https://web.facebook.com/groups/331590230517821

You can also contact one of the members of the conference preparation committee:
– El Madani Fahmi, Email: [email protected] ; Tel.: +212.661.286.969
– Mohammed Hassim, Email: [email protected] ; Tel.: +212.666.077.526
– Mustapha Zanzoun, Email: [email protected] ; Tel.: +212.661.208.717
– Noureddine Bendouqi, Email: [email protected] ; Tel.: +212.661.612.308
– Lahcen Tighoula, Email: [email protected] ; Tel.: +212.661.547.746

N.B.: You can download a printable “Call for Proposals” from this link:

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