MATE CIRCLEs, Period 1

(School year: 2016-2017):

Call for Participation

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Call for Participation



Conference theme:

“Innovating Language Education: What Influential Roles for Teachers.”

"تجديد التربية اللغوية: أية أدوار مؤثرة للمدرس

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MATE 37th Annual Conference: Agadir, Morocco, 30-31 January & 1-2 February, 2017
Theme: Innovating Language Education: What Influential Roles for Teachers.
في موضوع: تجديد التربية اللغوية : أية أدوار مؤثرة للمدرس؟

In a technology-driven world, the contemporary education field has become so dynamic that constant change is inevitable. For an educational policy to succeed, therefore, it is required to allow for innovation as an essential feature of its performance to be able to deal with novel situations and everyday challenges. When it comes to effective student learning and successful educational reform, there is one key factor that has an influential role in change management: The teacher. Successful educational reforms and endeavors rely much on the ability of teachers to accommodate new teaching methodologies to the classroom situation. This can only be achieved through teacher training and professional development programs that aim not only at developing core teaching skills, but also at equipping teachers with the necessary knowledge and competencies to be life-long learners who can deal with novel situations in the most effective manners.

Participant pre-registration for MATE 36th ANNUAL
CONFERENCE, Fes, April 2016

Moroccan Association of Teachers of English organizes its 36th annual conference in Fes, Morocco, from April 14th through 17th, 2016, under the theme “New Education Reform: Alternative Pathways in Language Education”.
Venue: Zalagh Menzeh hotel
To register for MATE 36th ANNUAL CONFERENCE, use the following RIB, bank account to transfer money, then fill in your online registration form. Money transfer receipt number is needed to complete your registration.
RIB : 007 810 00044 65000 30403968
AWB Agce Le Minaret Rabat
We are providing the online registration form to avoid queuing and large crowds on the onsite registration desks. The online registration is helpful for us to book your room and to provide better quality services.
Participants who pay through bank transfer and register online will have a 100 DHS discount/ Participants who pay onsite will pay 1200 DHS in a double room, and 1800 DHS for a single room. For foreign participants, the fee is 2000 DHS in a double room and 3000 DHS for a single room. Moroccan participants are partly sponsored by our partners.
Deadline for online pre-registration : April 05, 2016.

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Conference theme:

New Education Reform:
Alternative Pathways in Language Education

" الاصلاح التربوي : مسارات بديلة في التربية اللغوية "

MATE 7th Young Learners Conference
El Jadida, 24-25-26 January, 2016



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